The F.E. Line to Backing Connection

Background & Materials
I have used this connection over many years fishing for steelhead, salmon & arctic char; strong fish that often take you into your backing. The knot is smooth, lacking external points that can catch the guides. As well, it is secure because the wraps serve as a shock absorber to the end of backing / line connection. It is reasonably easy to make & requires only simple tools & material:

  • a small needle whose point has been rounded
  • a pin holder or vise grip pliers
  • a 12 length of Kevlar thread or dental floss
  • glue that stays flexible such as Aquaseal


Step One
With the dull point of needle fray the end of backing for


Step Two
Insert the needle into the fly line making sure that it follows the hollow center of the core (the rounded point of the needle makes this easy). Then, exit to the side of the line and slide the needle out leaving the eye exposed.


Step Three
Grab the needle with the pin vise (or vise grip pliers) and thread both ends of the Kevlar thread or dental floss through the needle.


Step Four
Pull the thread through the line leaving a small loop out.


Step Five
Insert the frayed end of backing into loop.


Step Six
Pull the frayed end of the backing through the fly line and out approximately 10.


Step Seven
Insert the needle 3/8 up from the last exit hole and follow the core center another into the line and exit.


Step Eight
Repeat steps 3 & 4.


Step Nine
Separate or 1/3 of fibers and cut at base.


Step Ten
Wrap the backing 3 turns around the line. Apply glue to the frayed end and place into a loop.


Step Eleven
Pull both ends of thread slowly making sure that you stop just before the backing reaches the exit hole. Then let one end of thread go and pull the thread alone out. Line up the wraps between two holes in line and tighten by pulling the backing out. You can mark the line with permanent marker to indicate its weight.



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